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Common packaging materials introduced in the box customization
- May 11, 2018 -

We have seen many products in our lives and we also know a lot about the packaging of various products. However, do you know what the materials are? Today Xiao Bian came to speak with everyone.

First, paper packaging materials

In the whole process of packaging design development, paper packaging materials, as a universal packaging material, are widely used in production and life practices. The paper material has low cost, is suitable for large-scale mechanized production, and has good moldability and foldability, is suitable for exquisite printing, and has the advantages of recyclability, economical and environmental protection, and the like.

1, kraft paper

The kraft paper is tough and inexpensive and has good folding and water resistance. Mostly used for making shopping bags, envelopes, cement bags, etc., also used for food packaging paper.

2, coated paper

Coated paper is mainly made of high-grade raw materials such as wood and cotton fibers and is divided into single copper and double copper. Applicable to multi-color printing, bright colors after printing, rich levels change. It is commonly used in the production of handbags, business cards and books, magazine covers.

3, white paper

Whiteboard paper is hard and thick, with good standing strength, surface strength, folding resistance and printing adaptability. It is suitable for packing boxes and liners.

4, corrugated paper

Corrugated paper has the advantages of light sturdiness, strong load and pressure resistance, shock resistance, moisture resistance, etc., and lower cost. Single-sided corrugated cardboard is generally used as a protective layer for packaging of goods or lightweight cagging and backing plates to protect products from vibration or impact during storage and transportation; three- or five-layer corrugated cardboard is used for the sale of manufactured goods. Packaging; seven or eleven layers of corrugated paperboard mainly for the production of mechanical and electrical products, furniture, motorcycles, large appliances and other packaging.

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