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How does the display rack stand out the brand?
- Sep 06, 2018 -

How does the display rack stand out the brand?


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The display rack is a standing advertisement. Because of its vivid and eye-catching presentation, it is convenient for transportation and storage. It is very popular among merchants. Whether it is a new store opening or an event promotion, you can see the display rack. The design of the colorful display rack can firmly lock the eyes of the people, allowing people to read carefully and enter the store. However, most of the exhibition stands were ignored due to poor design. After the event was used once, it was forgotten in the corner and the publicity effect was not enough.

Compared with the business cards and leaflets, which are relatively small in size and need to be read at close range, the display stand has a prominent feature: it stands up, so it goes far beyond the single card from the perspective and field of view. Print ads. When designing the display rack, you should take into account the visual range of the human body, and put the most important information in the most conspicuous position to be eye-catching.

Second, the design of the display rack should consider space and color factors. If you are in an open and empty place, you can choose a high-saturation, more beautiful color, which can attract eyeballs and bring out the charm of products and brands. If you use it in a relatively limited environment such as indoors, try to design as much as possible. Don't choose a color with a high degree of expansion to avoid crowding. In terms of size, it is also necessary to pay attention to the size of the space to be placed, and to fully and reasonably use the space to maximize the function of the display stand.