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How should paper shelves open the way to innovation?
- Sep 18, 2018 -

How should paper shelves open the way to innovation?


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The paper shelves are made of paper, which is the same as the design principle of the packaging. The structure is a bit different, so printing factories, carton factories, and advertising companies can also produce them. But to do a good job of paper shelf structure is not only the design level of the packaging box, but also requires a more professional level. The paper shelf products are customized according to the requirements of the customers. In the style, the specific designation is not produced by the paper shelf manufacturer, so that the materials used are the same, more and more manufacturers, the worse the homogenization situation.


In the design, taking into account the diversification of user needs, it should be based on the rational design of the conventional design, and should be based on a consumer perspective to design a more coordinated, more beautiful, more perfect product in order to achieve the highest promotion. Display display effect. There is a problem of less counterfeiting and innovation in the paper shelf industry, which will lead to cruel competition and increasingly thin profits. Enterprises must rethink the ways and means of making money to survive. Therefore, the transformation and interpretation of the new business model is more important in the paper shelf industry. It is also more challenging. Compared with the past, the requirements for business model innovation must be cut in the past with innovative ideas. In the field of innovation, there is a breakthrough in the field of innovation. In terms of innovation methods, it is different from the past. The road to innovation that wins in competition.


In order to interpret the new business model, the paper shelf industry must first have the courage to break the existing business model and thinking habits and carry out destructive innovation. Many companies are still struggling with their past business ideas, while others that have achieved extraordinary success and extraordinary development have won the competition by innovation in business models. The paper shelf industry must realize the effective allocation and application of innovative elements to create a new business model, which is an effective way for enterprise business model innovation.