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What is the performance ratio of paper shelves?
- Jul 11, 2018 -

What is the performance ratio of paper shelves?


Multifunction Cell Cardboard Floor Display Stands.jpgIn daily life, metal shelves become the pillars in the shelves for their durability and pressure resistance. However, the shortcomings of metal shelves are also very obvious. The high cost, heavy weight and inflexibility make many customers who need fast-selling or temporary use of shelves complain. The stability of the metal shelf has led him to be in an extremely stable design. And the coloring of metal shelves requires a lot of painting, and there is a high tolerance. Similarly, wooden shelves that are ubiquitous in everyday life have such problems. Wooden shelves are slightly better than metal shelves in terms of weight and shipping. It is easy to disassemble and color, and it is becoming more and more popular. However, as the price of raw materials rises, the price of wood products rises. And the wooden shelves also have the problems of complicated processing and difficult design.

Paper shelves are green, easy to transport, and quick to assemble. It is often used in daily life promotion, new in supermarkets, etc., and can play a good role in displaying goods, conveying information, and promoting sales. Paper display stands have become very common abroad. As the most cost-effective paper shelf on the shelf, the paper holder can meet the designer's requirements, and can adjust the color and shape at will. With the development of science and technology, the stability of paper products has been paid more and more attention. The wide application of corrugated paper and kraft paper has ensured the stability of paper shelves.

And because the paper shelf production cycle is short, 7-10 working days can be shipped in the first batch; easy to ship, all can achieve flat shipment; green, in line with modern trends; convenient advertising, you can put things that need performance Printed on the top; easy to assemble and other advantages, so that paper shelves from the early European and American fashion became popular worldwide.