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Box Manufacturing Process
- May 11, 2018 -


Brand planning refers to the process of identifying, planning, visualizing, and differentiating brands of customers through the exploration of consumer needs, analysis of competitive brands, and research on market trends, achieving a clear brand spirit and image. The portrayal will ultimately produce brand value and improve the market competitiveness of customer goods. Brand planning includes brand center positioning and image planning, brand system management, and channel counseling.

Packaging Contact Planning

The packaging and connection planning business starts from the customer's product characteristics. Based on the strategy of product positioning and product personality, it explores the cultural background related to the products, contacts the needs of the consumers after all, and considers how to complete the cost and conduct packaging and contact planning. The services mainly include product line positioning, packaging planning, development of technical raw material structures, packaging manufacturing guidance, and product display guidance. The process runs through the whole work line from product strategy to concept planning and final product trial production and processing.

Brand communication

The brand communication service refers to the company's advertising, public relations activities, promotional activities and other means. It transfers the established customer brand image to the guideline and costs the collective. After all, the guideline costs and collectively forms the customer brand recognition. The brand communication service includes the communication strategy, the setting of the communication center concept, the implementation of the brand communication guidance, and the implementation of the periodic promotion activities.

Packaging box manufacturing

Packaging manufacturing business refers to the cooperation of technical development personnel, construction engineers and production personnel, through the concept of planning and technical structure development provided by the customer, the cost and quality control, the planner's packaging planning books will be transformed into packaged goods, and Batch production, the planning effect is converted into actual goods supplied to customers. Mass production of packaged goods can completely complete the planning guidelines and achieve the effect of integration of planning and products. Packaging manufacturing involves mainly cosmetics, electronic goods, alcohol, instant food packaging and other consumer products.