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Where Did The Original Box Design Originate?
- May 11, 2018 -

The packaging box is the product that the product on the production line is converted into a mall sale, and is sold out of a medium. The packaging box is designed for the shape of the product and the beautification of the interior structure and appearance of the packaging box, allowing it to be transported and sold. Appropriate appearance of content, so that the product has a perfect and attractive sales image, the purpose is to better select the shopper. The mediocre packaging box makes the merchandise dim when it is sold. Making a beautiful packaging box will make the merchandise shine in sales, increase the added value of the merchandise, and stimulate the purchase desire of the shopper when buying the merchandise. The packaging box is a silent advertisement of the company and has a very obvious promotion effect. The ultimate goal is to influence the shopper's consumption concept and shopping behavior, and to establish a corporate brand image and win a marketing strategy. Products need to be packaged, companies must pack, even people must pack, so the word "packaging" has a greater significance, packaging boxes to make the company's products more perfect, the box is the perfect embodiment of the goods, the box will also At this time, with a utilitarian goal, it became less real.

From the basic theoretical perspective of sociology, first of all, the packaging has to be able to give to your product in the production field and can provide some practical protective functions and mechanisms. Second, it is necessary to provide your products with convenient functions in the circulation field, that is, the so-called transportation. (Then, what is a convenience function is to make your product easily transportable and not damaged during transportation, and it is also easy to load and unload.) The last and most crucial point is to be able to provide products in the sales area. Sales functionality means that you have an advantage in the final sales. To attract eyeballs than others' products.

In ancient times, people used bamboo, clay, etc. as containers for loading things. This is the most primitive box in the sense. In today's commercial society, the competition in each industry has intensified, and the packaging box has to play such an important role that cannot be replaced. Therefore, both the merchant and the manufacturer attach great importance to the external image of the box, which makes the packaging designer begin. With great efforts. The continuous innovation of raw materials and the continuous upgrading of production technologies will make the industry of packaging design an extremely broad prospect.

However, reality and dreams are always different from each other. After careful analysis, we will clearly find out how much extra luxury the existing boxes always have in the raw materials and distribution process. When they finally become commodities exposed to consumers, Too much waste has already been created. It has been unable to make up for it. However, any kind of packaging can not get rid of the fate of being a waste.

Waste has been produced. How can we reduce it?

Let's go back to the origin protection of the box. The packaging box is a commodity protection function, followed by beautification of goods and communication of information, so the choice of packaging materials is directly related to the ability to protect the important steps of the product. It is a special kind of clothing, food, supplies packaging, long-distance transport to the shelf After commodities, commodities have reduced long-distance transportation rates.

The box is divided into a transport box and a sales box to form a structured box that plays its role in transportation and sales. This article is the most widely used paper box material application. The paper packaging box is ever-changing and can be made into various forms to protect the product.

The structure of the carton pack affects the stress status of the goods and the convenience of transportation. With the most common structure at the bottom of the box, the lock type and automatic type are the most common, the main advantage of the lock type is simple, the complete carrying capacity at the bottom of the screen, but the lack of automatic bottom of the box, can only carry a little light products, And the bottom of the automatic box, due to the tension generated by the paper inserting, overlaps the box lock bottom box type and can withstand strong gravity, which is used for large packaging, but the production process is complicated.

As a consideration in this section, the product features in the design show a fragile toilet tank. The designer uses a trapezoidal structure to ensure the stability of transportation and storage and prevent the product from being upside down. The packaging design is a set of loading and unloading, stacking, switching power supply, and other functions in one It fully embodies the protective function of packaging in transportation and sales.