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Gift box custom to give a good impression
- May 11, 2018 -

Most consumers recognize the product from the product packaging box. In the memory of ordinary consumers, the brand names of various products can hardly be clearly memorized. If manufacturers want to impress consumers, they must “help” consumers to overcome the difficulties of this memory and create a good first impression for consumers. This is an important factor in winning favorable sentiments among consumers.

When designing, the complex features of the product are converted into simple symbols. The description of the text should be simple, clear and straightforward. When the purchase behavior occurs, the consumer's mind will have a reflex action and facilitate purchase. In developed countries, product packaging accounts for 40% of the total value of its products, and its emphasis on packaging is evident.

The product packaging box is indispensable to the product, and the inseparable packaging as a commodity is also valuable and has an independent feature. The added value of the product is that the packaging requires a part of labor to use the production material and equipment. These are all computational or tangible. On the other hand, the intangible forms of the packaging's color graphics, logos, and styling are created. The psychological value companies use the packaging of this information to enhance the product's attachment. Values and shaping the sensory experience and thinking identity from the perspective of life and situation "This captures consumers' attention to change consumer behavior and find new value and space for the product.

The product packaging box design is to design the appearance of the container or packaging of the finished product. The purpose of the design is to obtain a reliable and beautiful creative human thing that meets the needs of the people. In the commercial competition, the excellent packaging design can improve the product attachment. Values motivate consumers to have a significant promotional role in purchasing. Their ultimate goal is to influence consumer perceptions and behaviors. Establish a brand image of a product to achieve a successful marketing strategy.