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Gift box green packaging is a new trend in the future development of the packaging market
- May 11, 2018 -

In the development of the gift industry, the industry has always been complementary to and closely linked to the gift market. For the Chinese gift industry, green, personalized and creative gift packaging will be a great tool for impressing consumers. Now the global economy has set off an industrial revolution of zero packaging and green packaging. To realize the dream of beautiful China, green packaging must go one step ahead.

The first green gift packaging gift market has great potential, but this high-tech form of packaging, from raw materials to design, manufacture and recycling, is a great test for manufacturers, but it is the most popular among consumers today. The way.

Take the wine industry as an example, packaging and transportation are the primary problems to be solved. At the gift show, there is a box-in-box that is perfect for liquids. It is made of a variety of materials. The bag body is accompanied by a faucet-like switch for easy opening and removal.

The unique design allows the liquid to flow out while preventing the air from entering and allowing the wine, liquor, etc. to remain fresh longer. The most important thing is that the bag in the box can reduce the consumption of petroleum products compared to the traditional hard packaging, save about 35% of the transportation and warehousing costs, 85% less than the bottled garbage, due to the light weight, produced in transit The amount of carbon dioxide emissions is 55% less than bottled. Today, soft drinks such as juice, coffee, and ready-to-drink tea also increase the use of bags in boxes.