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How to choose your supplier for custom paper shelves?
- Oct 23, 2018 -

How to choose your supplier for custom paper shelves?


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There are so many color printing factories, why not every one can make paper shelves? One important reason is the complexity of the paper shelf structure. The structural design is the soul of the paper shelf. The shape of the paper shelf is ever-changing. It is a difficult problem to use paper to realize the paper. To achieve the load-bearing, the structural requirements are very high. Therefore, to make high-quality paper shelves, you must have a good structural designer. Structural design software is also important, and a good software can do more with less.

The quality of the structural design directly affects the quality of the display rack produced. Paper is not like wood iron. What kind of production is like proofing? The paper shelf proofing is the time when the paper has been flattened and the proof is generally good. Many customers feel good when they receive the sample, but usually some manufacturers produce the garbage, and the effect that the store does not reach the paper shelf affects the company's image. In fact, when designing the paper shelf structure, it is necessary to consider the deformation situation in the production process, and it is necessary to look at the attitude of the manufacturer boss, because the quality of the material directly affects the deformation size and the load bearing capacity of the shelf.

As far as production is concerned, it is important to have an experienced production manager because there are many paper shelf accessories, and the arrangement and quality control of each part is the responsibility of the factory manager. If the factory owner's inexperienced paper shelves will be completely out of shape, because the process of glue drying is good and how to press, each time the pressure is very particular.