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How to improve the design skills of paper display racks?
- Sep 13, 2018 -

How to improve the design skills of paper display racks?


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It’s believe that many partners have found a phenomenon in the business super. The use of paper displays is becoming more and more common, and many brands are using paper displays. These are all common brands, and they can be seen in Shangchao. Since the paper display rack is so popular, why don't our products be customized to a paper display rack in Shangchao or the store?

In fact, many of your peers have long recognized the advantages of paper display racks and put them into production. As we all know, paper display stands are customizable, including structural and surface advertising design. So what kind of paper display advertising design can attract customers to stop and buy? How can we enhance the brand image?

Many customers do not know what documents they need to provide for the display rack design because they have not done paper display racks. First of all, if there is a 3D rendering, directly provide a 3D rendering. If not, provide the product packaging or product drawings and product dimensions. The outer packaging of the product plays a key role in the design of the display rack. The design style of the display rack should be consistent with the outer packaging of the product.

Some customers are full of illusions about their own logos, thinking that repeated appearances will make themselves exist in the minds of consumers. Actually, this operation will only make your display stand not high-end. It is unscientific to want consumers to remember themselves by repeating Logo. Logo itself has no meaning, it is the value of the enterprise behind Logo. Logo is actually a symbolic expression of its own corporate image. Therefore, establishing a corporate image and building a corporate brand can make Logo have value, rather than simply repeating the logo.