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Special Gift Box How to Integrate Local Humanistic Features
- May 11, 2018 -

The local specialty products need to consider the local natural materials of the specialty and strengthen the regional characteristics. For example, the porcelain of Liling has a long history and the underglaze colored after the founding of the country is the military museum, the National Cultural Palace, the workers’ gymnasium and the Great Hall of the People in the top ten buildings of the capital. , Banquet Hall, Hunan Hall, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, United Nations Building, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, etc. provide underglaze colored porcelain. Liling underglaze colorful porcelain as a national porcelain and national gifts porcelain, was hailed as "red official kiln" porcelain.

When designing native products and packaging, it is necessary to tap into the local cultural connotations. For example, peony as a national flower symbolizes wealth and auspiciousness, bamboo symbolic integrity, longevity, happiness and truth can be applied to packaging design.

Regionality is one of the important characteristics of specialty packaging, and it is also a spatial feature of the formation and development of folk art. The gift package of a successful native product is an art form that is integrated in a specific folk life, and thus each kind of folk art form is produced, developed and spread. Form unique local cultural characteristics.