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Three Problems to Be Paid Attention to in Innovative Gift Box Packaging Design
- May 11, 2018 -

Innovation is a powerful driving force for social development, and it is also an important driving force for the development and expansion of enterprises. With the continued development of China's economy, consumers are increasingly refreshed in terms of commodity packaging, and brand new understandings are all related to the timely design of packaging. Jin, innovation is the soul of packaging design, but also the core force of the survival and development of packaging design enterprises. But also pay attention to the issues that should be paid attention to in innovative packaging design:

1. Personalized design should first emphasize market research

To do a good job in personalization of packaging design, we must first grasp the psychology of consumers, and strive to be consistent with the consumer's personal psychology, to obtain the coordination of packaging and commodities in the atmosphere, so that consumers in certain images to understand the characteristics of the goods. Careful consideration must be given to every detail, reflecting a brand's personality, attitude, and even belief.

2, personalized packaging design must strengthen the individual visual impact

Personalized packaging design uses clever colors to create visual impact. According to a survey of psychologists, people's memory of brands is 83% with visual 1% with hearing and 3% with touch. Color plays a particularly important role in packaging design. Because different colors can cause people's different visual reflections, thus causing different psychological activities.

3, personalized packaging design should also have environmental awareness

The 21st century is a century of “greenism” and the awareness of environmental protection has been deeply rooted. Creating package designs that are conducive to environmental protection and human health is a common goal pursued by consumers and designers today. Therefore, the packaging designer should pursue the design concept and the marketing interest while guiding the interests of the social groups as the direction, fully considering the social cost and social responsibility, and taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of environmental protection. It is particularly worth reflecting that many commodities are now over-packed. momentum. Excessive packaging refers to the product packaging with excess packaging functionality and value. Excessive packaging of enterprises not only increases the burden on consumers, wastes valuable packaging resources, exacerbates the deterioration of the ecological environment, and increases the burden of disposal.

In short, packaging design innovation should clearly convey information, performance quality, uniqueness and appropriate performance of market positioning and stimulating senses, and implies a rich design culture. The innovative packaging design should be appropriate, and the perfect intention to create creative, embodies the characteristics of the era to give design culture and national style, including the essence of the enterprise and product characteristics, people can be convinced, and can instantly cause consumers resonance. Pay attention to the issues that need to be paid attention to in innovative packaging design to make innovative packaging design more valuable.