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What are the misunderstandings about paper shelves for customer's?
- Oct 26, 2018 -

What are the misunderstandings about paper shelves for customer's?


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The time of paper shelf use, many customers will ask, how long can the paper shelf be used? Although Fufeng will do the bottom waterproofing for the paper shelves, the paper shelves are made of paper after all, the environment used is different, and the difference in the length of use will become very large. In the supermarket, in some places, the wet paper will be deformed, and customers may accidentally use the cart to collide and smash. Therefore, the paper shelf is most suitable for short-term promotion. In the ideal state, the paper shelf can be used for a long time. For example, the sample rack of the Fufeng office has not been broken for 2 years because we have no one to destroy him and the environment is not humid. Therefore, the environment of the shopping mall supermarket largely determines the shelf life of the paper.

Sometimes customers take a picture and ask for a variety of wooden carvings or acrylic frame bending. The paper shelf design can be versatile and elegant, but after all, it is still a paper product, and the material is limited. For example, if the paper is not good for multi-surface folding, for example, designing a spherical shape, corrugated paper can not be done, and some wooden craft paper products are still not available.

It is undeniable that paper shelves have a large price advantage compared with other material shelves, but that is the premise of establishing a large number of productions, that is, the single order quantity is relatively large, and the unit price is very cheap. If the quantity is small, such as only a few dozen, the price advantage of the paper shelf will disappear, and the price advantage compared with the iron shelf and the wooden shelf is not so obvious. Why is this? Because the production of paper shelves requires a printing process, customers who do not understand the manufacturing process will think that paper shelves are similar to iron shelves.