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What is the cultural connotation of packaging design?
- Jul 06, 2018 -

What is the cultural connotation of packaging design?


Printed Collapsible Rigid Box.jpgA good packaging design must be comfortable, and there is a pleasing aesthetic satisfaction. The skills in design, in the final analysis, in order to achieve this kind of satisfaction. In addition, the core of this satisfaction can not be less than a certain cultural connotation. This kind of cultural connotation is just like a person's temperament and cultivation, giving people an inner charm, which gives people a lot of room for recollection.

A good product packaging, either need to inject a certain cultural connotation, especially represents the connotation of the product culture of the product, or the pursuit of the concept of the enterprise: either has a certain symbolic meaning, indicating a problem: it implies a certain point of appeal, What kind of revelation is given to a person, or a specific color that represents a company, a special word, or an attribute that represents the product.

In addition to the color, pattern and cultural connotation, the design of packaging design requires designers to learn from their lives, learn from the masses, learn from the market, and constantly understand and study the needs of consumers. Wishes, to the practicality of people's lives, to the aesthetic and enjoyment of life, only in this way, product packaging design can continuously improve the new level, sublimate to a certain new taste, in order to play an important role in the promotion of goods under market economy conditions Positive promotion.