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What kind of paper display advertising design can attract customers?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

What kind of paper display advertising design can attract customers?


Cardboard Shelf Display Boxes.jpgThe surface design of the display frame should match the design of the outer packaging of the product. The outer packaging of the product plays a key role in the design of the display rack. The design style of the display rack should be consistent with the outer packaging of the product. If there is a 3D rendering, provide a 3D rendering directly. If not, provide the product packaging or product drawings and product dimensions.

Many customers have come up and said that we will enlarge our official website URL and put it in the blank space of each floor. In fact, who will specifically open the browser to enter so many characters of the URL? It would be better to replace the URL with a QR code. In the era of mobile, fast-paced and simple operations are kings, and no one will refuse simple operations and do cumbersome actions. So, make the URL into a QR code and swipe it to see it. It takes up a lot of space and can be placed directly on the display rack.

It is unscientific to want consumers to remember themselves by repeating Logo. Logo itself has no meaning, it is the value of the enterprise behind Logo. Logo is actually a symbolic expression of its own corporate image. Therefore, establishing a corporate image and building a corporate brand can make Logo have value, rather than simply repeating the logo. There are many advantages in the product, and every point is very important. It must be placed on the display rack. Also, the display rack is for promotion, and the promotion information should be put all over. The promotional information on the display rack is not the most concise, the product advantage is too much, people feel that there is no focus, slogan repeated many times, distracting consumers' attention. Therefore, the principle of Less is more applies to our display advertising.