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What kinds of paper display stands?
- Oct 18, 2018 -

What kinds of paper display stands?


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The countertop display stand is a small display stand that is directly displayed on the counter or on the cashier counter. Most of these display stands are located in the golden area of the supermarket, which is easy to attract consumers' attention and can directly help customers to confirm the quality and function of the products. At the same time, in the limited space on or near the checkout counter of the supermarket, a display stand for small commodities can be arranged, which can give some product-related publicity in the gap between the consumers paying bills. These methods of overall image packaging can subconsciously influence the consumer's purchasing consciousness. Unconsciously, the packaging design of the product is displayed in front of the consumer by enlarging or strengthening, and it is possible to purchase these in the next purchase. A commodity brand that is often seen.

The floor-standing display stand is usually displayed on the ground inside and outside the supermarket and on both sides of the passage. It is a display stand with three functions of display, display and promotion. Floor-standing display stands can usually be moved, flexible and convenient to use, which can promote the degree of attention and brand image, and can also be a complete area, and its height should be similar to the height of people. The structure of the floor-standing display stand mainly consists of two layers: a plate type and a step type. The market share is the most in the form of a laminate, mainly because of the largest capacity of its products, which is loved by users. The stepped structure is the strongest and has a large bearing capacity, which is more suitable for goods with a large unit weight.

The wall-mounted display stand does not need to occupy too much space, and most of them are attached to the wall, the column or the vertical façade of the supermarket shelf, thereby reducing the floor space of the shopping mall and the supermarket. The wall-mounted display stand can produce a three-dimensional, irregular product with a good three-dimensional effect, and can add changes that are not found in other display methods in the store. At the same time, since the wall is the end point of the customer, if the eye-catching corrugated display stand is hung on the eye-catching display, the customer's line of sight can be concentrated to achieve the effect of product display and promotion.