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Development Trend Of Tea Gift Box
- May 11, 2018 -

There is an old saying in the tea industry called "Flourishing Tea." With the rapid economic development since China's reform and opening up, the consumption of tea has also grown. In the last ten years, the consumption of Chinese tea was more than 10 times that of the original. Before 2000, the output value of China's tea industry was only 9 billion yuan. Since 2008, it has exceeded 100 billion yuan and it has increased by 120 billion yuan annually.

As the consumption of tea leaves continues to increase in the Chinese market, the competition in the tea sales market is also becoming increasingly fierce. Under the same supply source, businesses have begun to make articles on tea packaging. Tea culture, like the simple and wise Chinese working people, has for many years only weighed heavily on the endoplasmic reticule. In the past, in the case of simple quality and supremacy, whether it is tea or ordinary tea, most of them are popularized packaging boxes. They not only have no new ideas and aesthetics, but also restrict the innovative development of tea. It is said that people rely on clothing, in fact, tea is also required packaging. Selling tea is also selling culture. For a savvy tea seller, doing a good tea is not enough. It seems like a bustling mansion, the inner beauty is a must, and the external grandeur is also indispensable, that is to have its own brand, especially in the case of high profits, a trusted tea brand is very important of. Tea is just that. An exquisite tea packaging not only adds a secular beauty to your good tea, but also attracts the attention of tea guests, allowing consumers to feel comfortable and drink well. China Gift Industry Analysis: Gift tea and tea gift boxes Tea product packaging can greatly influence consumers' desire to purchase tea, especially for homogenized product markets, or products that are relatively unfamiliar to consumers. Therefore, in order to expand the sales share and increase consumer enthusiasm for purchase, it is increasingly important to design a tea gift box that is beautifully packaged and instantly attracts consumers' attention. Therefore, the tea traders of tea companies began to not only lay emphasis on tea packaging on the basis of guaranteeing the quality of tea, but also established a landscape line. Tea packaging is not only unique in color, but also in tea box design. Some good tea gift boxes are beautifully packaged, and they don’t put people in love with tea. They are beautiful, loud, and culturally pleasing. Some companies have already tried to integrate art into the life of tea packaging, integrating the Chinese cultural elements of poetry and painting into the packaging of tea gift boxes, making the packaging appear simple and tasteful. Some companies' tea gift boxes not only pursue visual aesthetics, but also promote environmental protection and energy conservation. Creating your own brand of tea merchants is the inevitable strategy for long-term development.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the concept of health. As a natural and healthy green drink, tea has become the real protagonist of the gift market. Compared with bulk tea and low-priced tea, the brand's high-end gift tea is becoming the mainstream of consumption and has become the primary choice for most consumers. It can be foreseen that the demand for tea gift boxes will also closely follow the growth of the market demand for terminals. The “cake” in the tea gift box packaging market will grow bigger and bigger.