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Gift Box Design Should Consider The Customer's Psychological Factors
- May 11, 2018 -

Our achievements and credibility in the packaging industry are obvious to all, and we continue to innovate and develop. The first thing we consider is the interests of customers. Then we must choose a suitable packaging tool for them. Don't underestimate the packaging, and then be concise. Dongdong, accompanied by a beautiful packaging, taste is not the same immediately. Give a woman a gift, do enough surface kung fu, certainly yes! Gift packaging want to come to a simple? Or out of color? All by you! Packaging styles a lot, give You suggest, give it a try! Packaging is a door to learn, learn little tricks, make gift packages for yourself, send her gifts, but also to send her a special heart! To introduce you to several now very popular packaging methods:

1, [classic packaging] Keywords: bow, ribbon to express the warm and considerate meaning, may wish to a bow-style packaging style. This packaging, it is a classic gift packaging: simple and fresh. No matter what gift, With this package, you can't go wrong! So, it's the key to handling the details. The choice of ribbons is very important. The simple ribbons are accompanied by elegant ribbons, harmonious and warm, introverted but unassuming. Consistent with women's unique personality characteristics.

2. [Flower's outerwear] Keywords: Hemp and English newspapers can't think of sending anything good, just send flowers! The charming and lively flowers, I believe no woman can reject it. To express sincerity, don't put flowers The packaging of the power to the flower shop, do it yourself, but also easy to get. In order to make the flower longer, you can moisten the tissue, wrapped under the stem, and then wrapped in a layer of tin foil, and finally, with overlapping cellophane and Tin foil wrapped in pedicel, with a harmonious color ribbon, it is OK! If you want to color, you can use hemp wrapping paper or English newspaper packaging, and finally, do not forget to put a pose for the flowers, let it show the best pose.

3, 【bags are also out of color】 Keywords: non-woven, linen bags for gift packaging, is a novel attempt! Especially when your gift shape is round or irregular shape, it may wish to use flexible Bag shape. The material of the bag can be selected from non-woven fabrics, hemp, etc. This package is suitable for women who like rural style and will certainly make her delicate.