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Gift Box Over-packing Is Selling Face?
- May 11, 2018 -

It is understood that the national scale of “Excessive Packaging Request for Food and Cosmetics” issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ) implemented the national standard on April 1, 2010. This national standard covers the packaging layer, open space rate, and cost of all food and cosmetics products. The strict restrictions were imposed on the number of packaging layers for beverages, wine, cakes, cosmetics, etc., which did not exceed three levels; on the goal of “packaging empty space,” packaging space for health foods and cosmetics must not exceed 50% of the volume of goods. In addition, the total cost of all packaging except the initial packaging should not exceed 20% of the cost of goods sold.

A bag of 450 grams of oysters is priced at RMB 68. After sub-packing the sachets and putting them in tin boxes plus a gift bag, 450 grams of oysters are transformed and the price rises to RMB 160. This is a scene seen by a reporter today in a specialty shop on Xinhua Street in Xingqing District, Yinchuan City. Xiaodong Li told reporters that iron boxes and gift bags could be sold at a price of RMB 20 per pack and RMB 5 for paper bags. Xiao Li initiated the reporter. If he used to send people, he still chose to use luxury packaging. If he used his own home, hardcover was enough and the tools were the same.

The reporter saw in a certain shop that people who come to buy gifts flow endlessly. Wang Xuemei, who lives in Juanxiuyuan District, was screening oats and tea for his grandmother. She reported that a regular oatmeal bag is at most 30 yuan, but the gift box at the end of the package is the same, but the cost is at least doubled. Tea is more expensive. She took a fancy to a 880-yuan Biluochun tea, with a total of 300 grams of two boxes of tea. There is a teapot and two teacups, plus a blue and white porcelain bottle and a wooden box. “The packaging is beautiful, but the tea is normal. Most of the tea is estimated to be packaging. , but the holiday must be given decent, such consumption will not be avoided. "Wang Xue reluctantly said.

Reporters from the Supermarket correspondent report that there are many people who recently purchased gift boxes. Most people favor the quality of their gift boxes, and they can sell nearly 100 boxes every day. The reporter visited the four large gongs and supermarkets around Xinhua Street and invented it. Hygiene products, toiletries, cosmetics, and departments often use food. There is no sign of excessive packaging, but tea, health products, fine wines, chocolate candy, etc. Category, suspected over-packed signs are more extensive. For example, high-grade wines in the department are packed in wooden boxes or feather pods are delivered, and the rate of empty packaging is generated. In the department of chocolate candy, there are plastic boxes in the iron cans, but the number of chocolates is very small.