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Gift Packaging Box To Highlight A Few Points
- May 11, 2018 -

In general, the following five points should be highlighted on the package:

Shape: The shape of the gift box is various, such as cuboid, heart shape, cylinder, vertebral body, etc., but there are two basic packaging methods, square packing method and cylindrical packing method.

Emotional: Color has a great influence on people's emotions. Therefore, the color of packaging paper can be distinguished by age and gender: Men should be mainly in cool colors, women can choose bright colors or elegant light colors, children should choose Bright colors, lively and lovely patterns.

Artistic: Each well-crafted packaged goods can embody a certain degree of artisticity. Attention can be paid to the role played by decorative tapes, decorative flowers, and other small decorations in the packaging. Through them, artistic effects can be increased and the finishing touch can be achieved.

Theming: This is the basis for deciding how to make a gift wrap. There are many gift themes: love gifts, packaging can use heart-shaped or rose patterns, can be decorated with Cupid's arrow embellishment, show deep affection; family gifts optional warm colors , highlight the intimacy of simple and quiet.

Knowledge-based: Gift packaging is knowledge-based packaging, to have a full understanding of the packaging materials, small commodities should not use larger patterns of paper, large commodities should not use a small pattern, color is very light paper. Use of continuously developed packaging materials and rich The packaging knowledge, the second packaging of goods can truly become an art.

Depending on the nature of your gift's packaging, you can choose different packaging methods.

Wrinkled paper (cotton silk paper) packaging method: to prepare the other party likes or suits each other's color several folds of paper (cotton silk paper), beautiful ribbon, or silk thread. (this method is not suitable for oversized gifts) first use crumpled paper The gift can be wrapped directly into a candy-like shape, and the two ends are respectively fixed with ribbons or silk threads, and the edges of the paper can be sorted into a flower shape. The shape of the gift can also be packaged into a square toffee-like shape, that is, in the first package. In the method, the two ends are not fixed, but folded upwards, and then the excess part is fixed with a ribbon, the edge of the paper is also arranged into a flower shape, and the shape of the packaging of alcoholic sugar, but this method is best used Glittering plastic wrapping paper.

Homemade packing box: Prepare the cardboard box (in principle, larger than your gift), choose watercolor paint, watercolor pen, glue, brush, etc. according to the pattern you want to paint. Steps: Paint the carton with paint first Your favorite color, and then follow the prepared pattern template to draw different shapes. Finally paint with a pigment, and point out the effect you want.