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What Does Paper Display Rack Mean?
- May 23, 2018 -

what does paper display rack mean?


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As a marketing tool, paper display racks come with the development of POP advertising. It has the advantages of environmental protection, convenient transportation, rapid assembly, etc. It is placed in the sales place and can play a role in displaying goods, conveying information, and promoting sales

The use of paper display racks prevailed in the early days in Europe and America. Exquisitely printed paper shelves have been widely used in foreign countries and are widely used in food, daily chemical, household appliances, and wine industries. Many packaging companies in Europe and the United States also believe that through the production of paper display racks can enhance the company's technical level and the company's sales capabilities. In Europe and the United States, the paper display rack is a product with very high added value, and there are many users and manufacturers.


Supermarket Corrugated Cardboard Display Stands.jpgNow, some brand customers have used the paper shelf as a regular promotional item in the application of the system. Whether it is the introduction of new products or holiday promotions, it has achieved good results. It is necessary to enhance the brand image in the store, create a festive atmosphere, and increase sales.